BANGKOK, May 26th, 2024 /PRNewswire/--OLUV, a French designer brand, inclusive and loving, will throw a PRIDE dinner party at W-hotel in Bangkok from June 1st to 3rd. OLUV is committed to provide support and help for the LGBTQ+ community to earn more respect and understanding, to strive for more equality and free rights, and to work together for a better life.

This esteemed gathering provided an ideal platform for OLUV to unveil its latest 97 Gender Symbol Series, specifically speaking, the boutique and fashion accessories that are contemporary multicultural and gender-diverse adaptations for any group, including LGBTQ+ and 92 other genders.

The party will welcome over *dozens of* distinguished guests, comprising *three* ICONs of the LGBTQ🌈 community, key persons in charge of LGBTQ NGO institutions, influential researchers related toLGBTQ, Doctors, supporters from the local government or medias, well-known Artists who support LGBTQ, LGBTQ KOLs, transgender, ect.

The OLUV's 97 Gender Symbol Series is our heartfelt tribute to the LGBTQ+ community, a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community's diversity and individuality. It's designed to allow each individual to curate their own unique expression and reflect their true selves in a diverse and inclusive way, making every moment shine with their own personal charisma and uniqueness.

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