Benefit of the Program
The Benefit of the Program
Low return rate
Low return rate
High commission rates
High commission rates: at least 10%
Average Order Value
Average Order Value: > $192
Top affiliate earnings
Our top affiliate earn over $10,200 per month
Average conversion rate
Average conversion Rate 4.2%
Timely commission payment
Timely commission payment

shareAsale Affiliate

Webmaster or affiliate shareAsale distribution portal with 15% rebate + 10% discount + 30 days validity.

Goaffpro Affiliate

Netflix as well as internet gurus Goaffpro distribution portal with minimum 10% rebate + exclusive discounts + exclusive links + 30 days validity.

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What marketing materials will be provided to me as an affiliate?

We will provide you with a range of marketing materials, such as banners, links, and coupon codes, to help you promote our products and services.

How will I track my referrals and commission earnings?

We use advanced tracking technology to ensure that you are credited for every sale that you refer. You can log in to your affiliate account to track your referrals and commission earnings.

Can I refer myself for a commission?

No, you cannot refer yourself for a commission. This would be considered fraudulent activity and would result in termination of your affiliate account.


If you have any questions about how to join the league and specific benefits, feel free to contact us, thank you!