1. Cooperation Advantages

— A dedicated product development/design team focused on fashion trends and producing popular products. Our target demographic is women aged 24-35, embodying both youthful energy and sophisticated elegance. Efficient product iteration is our goal, ensuring each product has profound meaning and a brand story.

— A robust marketing/branding team focuses on building brand image. Through social media and online advertising, we continuously expand product exposure and accumulate brand credibility. Our brand reputation serves as a testament to the quality of products for our resellers.

— Professional video and image production team ensures high-quality visual materials. Even without in-house production staff, resellers can access top-notch video and image resources to swiftly list and sell our latest products.

— No minimum order quantity restrictions alleviate inventory pressure for small and medium retailers, enabling personalized customization even for single-item orders.

— Our own factory ensures efficient management from product design to delivery, maintaining high production standards and swift delivery. 

— Secure payment methods such as Google Pay and Shop Pay.

— Efficient logistics services, with clear tracking available for every shipment sent to your customers via air parcel.

— Ensured customer privacy in package labeling, with no mention of our brand information, ensuring customer retention and stability in reseller-client relationships. 

— Collaboration on promotional activities during Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year, with a minimum discount of 15% shared with our partners. We encourage sharing of UGC content; based on the quantity and quality, additional discounts or rewards will be provided.


Cooperation Terms:


1.List products using our provided images and videos and place orders via Dropship from OLUV Jewelry. Inventory data sharing is facilitated.

2.Accumulate orders totaling $10,000 USD to receive a 5% rebate or select 7-10 equivalent products as a discount.

3.Recycle UGC content: Receive a commission of no less than 10% of the product's value for each video based on its quality. Cumulative commissions can be used as credit for purchasing products from the website.


By integrating the dropshipping business model into the above key points, we ensure a seamless partnership experience for resellers, emphasizing product quality, efficient processes, and mutual benefits.

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