Determining your sexual orientation is a deeply personal process, and it can be helpful to explore your feelings and experiences to gain clarity. A quiz can be a fun and informative tool to start this exploration, but it is not definitive. Here’s a quiz to help you reflect on your feelings and attractions, which might give you some insight into whether you might be bisexual.

Am I Bisexual? Quiz


Answer the following questions honestly, based on your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. There are no right or wrong answers, and this quiz is meant to help you reflect on your sexual orientation.

  1. When you think about romantic relationships, do you imagine being with both men and women?

    • A. Yes, I can see myself with both.
    • B. Only with men.
    • C. Only with women.
    • D. I haven’t thought about it much.
  2. Have you ever had a crush on someone of the same gender?

    • A. Yes, multiple times.
    • B. Yes, but it was just once or twice.
    • C. No, never.
    • D. I’m not sure.
  3. How do you feel when you see an attractive person of the same gender?

    • A. I feel the same way I do when I see someone of the opposite gender.
    • B. I feel some attraction but not as strong as to the opposite gender.
    • C. I don’t feel attracted to them.
    • D. I’m confused about my feelings.
  4. Have you ever fantasized about being intimate with someone of the same gender?

    • A. Yes, often.
    • B. Occasionally.
    • C. Never.
    • D. I’ve thought about it but don’t know how I feel.
  5. Do you feel excited or happy about the idea of dating someone of the same gender?

    • A. Yes, very much so.
    • B. Yes, but it’s a new idea for me.
    • C. No, I don’t feel excited by that idea.
    • D. I’m uncertain.
  6. When you read or hear about bisexuality, do you feel a sense of resonance or connection?

    • A. Yes, it feels like it might describe me.
    • B. Sometimes, but I’m still unsure.
    • C. No, it doesn’t resonate with me.
    • D. I’ve never really thought about it.
  7. Have you ever felt pressured to identify as straight or gay because it seemed simpler?

    • A. Yes, often.
    • B. Sometimes.
    • C. No, never.
    • D. I’m not sure.
  8. How do you feel about the idea of being bisexual?

    • A. It feels like it could be a good fit for me.
    • B. It’s a possibility I’m considering.
    • C. It doesn’t seem like me.
    • D. I’m confused or have mixed feelings.


  • Mostly A’s: You might be bisexual. Your answers indicate that you feel attraction to both men and women and are open to the possibility of being bisexual.
  • Mostly B’s: You could be questioning your sexuality. You have some feelings and experiences that suggest you might be bisexual, but you might need more time to explore your identity.
  • Mostly C’s: You might not be bisexual. Your answers suggest that you don’t feel attraction to both genders, but remember, sexual orientation can be fluid and might change over time.
  • Mostly D’s: You are still exploring your identity. It’s okay to be unsure and take your time to understand your feelings better.

Reflective Questions

  1. How do you feel about the results of this quiz? Do they resonate with your experiences and feelings?
  2. Have you considered talking to a trusted friend, family member, or counselor about your feelings?
  3. Are there specific experiences or moments in your life that you think might help you understand your sexual orientation better?


Remember, this quiz is just a starting point. Sexual orientation is a personal and sometimes fluid aspect of who you are. It’s important to take your time, explore your feelings, and seek support if you need it. There is no rush to label yourself, and your feelings are valid no matter where you are on your journey.

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